Comprehensive accountancy

Full accounting is my favorite way of conducting business settlements. Thanks to the comprehensive accounting of both sales and cost invoices as well as bank statements, the entrepreneur has a full picture of the financial results of his company, including the status of his liabilities and receivables.

Founder of the Tax office

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Comprehensive accountancy

I keep trading books on behalf of companies, organizations and high-income individuals. Thanks to my very good knowledge of international law, I provide support to companies from all over Europe.

Who needs comprehensive accountancy?

Comprehensive accountancy is associated primarily with commercial companies: a joint-stock company and a limited liability company. However, the regulations require keeping books of accounts from a much wider group of entities. These include:

  • Natural persons with revenues exceeding EUR 2,000,000 per year,
  • NGOs,
  • Foundations,
  • Associations and political parties,
  • Banks,
  • Investment funds,
  • Limited partnerships and limited joint-stock partnerships, 
  • Organizational units of local governments and the State Treasury,
  • Foreign enterprises (a branch must be run in the form of a company ).

More than just comprehensive accountancy

Keeping commercial books is already a comprehensive service in itself, which is usually provided by experienced accountants and tax advisers. Thanks to long-term, very fruitful cooperation with the IT and financial sectors, I can, however, offer additional support. I provide legal and tax support and give my opinion on:

  • Implementation of innovative business models,
  • Impact of information technology on taxes,
  • Use of self-learning software and AI,
  • Internal settlements of capital groups,
  • Transformations of capital companies and partnerships.

Full accounting is simple when you have complete support from my office.