Tax book of revenues and expenses


Full accounting is my favorite way of conducting business settlements. Thanks to the comprehensive accounting of both sales and cost invoices as well as bank statements, the entrepreneur has a full picture of the financial results of his company, including the status of his liabilities and receivables.

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Tax book of revenues and expenses

I keep tax books of revenues and expenses, i.e. simplified accounting. You can ask me for help and advice in this regard, or give me full custody of your tax books.

What is a tax book of revenues and expenses?

The tax revenue and expense ledger is a form of reporting applicable to sole proprietorships. Its main purpose is to calculate income tax on the basis of the company’s revenues and its costs. The vast majority of people who pay taxes on its basis are also VAT payers (Value Added Tax). The tax ledger of revenues and expenditures contains much less information than the books of account in full accounting. Nevertheless, it must be carried out with particular care and accuracy, because the owner of the company is responsible for its obligations with his assets.

Scope of support

If you run a sole proprietorship, you can entrust me with a full range of tax matters. I help in the field of:

  • Setting up a business
  • Choosing the form of taxation
  • Tax optimization
  • Keeping current settlements (PIT, VAT, Excise duty, other taxes and fees)
  • Settlement of tax subsidies and support from European Funds
  • Preparation and submission of annual tax returns

You can also ask me for legal assistance in the field of tax book of revenues and expenses. If you run a sole proprietorship or intend to start it,  feel free to contact me.