Integration with CRM systems


Full accounting is my favorite way of conducting business settlements. Thanks to the comprehensive accounting of both sales and cost invoices as well as bank statements, the entrepreneur has a full picture of the financial results of his company, including the status of his liabilities and receivables.

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Integration with CRM systems

Accounting can be integrated with CRM systems. I use that solution for my own needs and for communication with clients. Many times I have also helped to integrate CRM and accounting systems in large enterprises.

Thanks to the integration of IT systems between accounting and CR, it is possible to:

  • Automate communication between accounting and sales, purchasing and customer service departments.
  • Avoid errors and prevent situations when the given information did not appear in the system at all.
  • Collect additional information about transactions and dynamically reacting to changes in regulations or market conditions.

Accounting and CRM can also become part of a unified ecosystem of corporate software.

By integrating CRM systems with internal and external accounting, you save a lot of work and gain more control over the circulation of documents. It is definitely worth it!

If you want to integrate accounting and CRM matters – feel free to ask me for advice.