IT accounting


Full accounting is my favorite way of conducting business settlements. Thanks to the comprehensive accounting of both sales and cost invoices as well as bank statements, the entrepreneur has a full picture of the financial results of his company, including the status of his liabilities and receivables.

Founder of the Tax office

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IT accounting

I keep accounting for technologically advanced enterprises that apply innovative solutions in the fields of business model, offered products and their own activities. My clients are IT industry companies, startups and enterprises using artificial intelligence.

Accounting for experimental solutions

Technology is ahead of the law and as so becomes the engine of change. Your products, services and methods of operation may go beyond today’s legislation, which will only be adapted to them in several years if not longer. During this time, you must act in accordance with applicable regulations while always bearing in mind the profitability of your projects; that is something I can help with. Searching for legal and tax solutions for the IT industry has become both an essential part of my business in recent years and a hobby. If you are interested, I will be happy to present my successes in this area and willing to undertake the preparation of unique solutions for your company.

I keep accounting in matters that were considered impossible yesterday.

Accounting, digitization and implementation of IT systems

Software that you use creates an ecosystem. Individual programmes are designed to support each other, therefore reducing the necessary work to a minimum. Each measure implemented affects the company’s capacity, the quality of the team’s work and the accounting and tax settlements. Therefore, instead of first implementing innovation in the company and then, when there is no turning back, checking the company’s tax results, it is worth taking care of the integration of the whole system from the outset. If you decide to implement a new IT solution, I will gladly help aid you with my experience.

Implement innovations, I will take care of optimization.