Full accounting is my favorite way of conducting business settlements. Thanks to the comprehensive accounting of both sales and cost invoices as well as bank statements, the entrepreneur has a full picture of the financial results of his company, including the status of his liabilities and receivables.

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Nowadays, E-commerce is the standard model for the provision of services and the sale of products. For companies, it is a way to reduce costs, expand the target group and collect feedback; for customers, online shopping is convenient and safe. All transactions are also much easier for tax control officials to check. E-commerce accounting should be carried out with greater accuracy than in the case of traditional sales. That is why you should contact me when running a business based on online sales.

I help settle international deliveries of goods and services, integrate modern payment systems with accounting software, as well as select the most advantageous forms of business taxation.

I have been working with the e-commerce industry from its beginnings in Poland, I am very familiar with the market realities and constantly search for the best solutions in the field of tax optimization for my clients.

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