Instructions for adding documents to the Saldeo system for new customers

1. Log in to your Saldeo account with your email address and password.

    2. After logging in, hover over ”ADD” at the top of the navigation bar (the one in dark blue) and click on ”Document”

    3. or go to the ”Documents” section which you will find in the navigation bar, on the left:

    4. select the ”Add Document” option in the upper left corner:

      5. and later you will see something like this:

      6. later you choose the month and year to which you want to add documents, specify the type of document, such as sales, purchase or other and click on ”add another file to the queue” and then choose a file from your computer or you can drag this file and drop it in this box ”add another file to the queue” and then click on ”send”

      7. later by clicking again on the navigation bar in ”documents” after selecting the month to which you attached the file, you can check if you succeeded in adding it.


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