How to Change Your Accounting Firm: A Guide for Businesses

Changing your accounting firm is a significant step for any company and requires proper preparation and understanding of the process. Here are the key steps and information to help you through this change:

1. Required Documents for Changing Accounting Firms

When transitioning to a new accounting firm, it’s necessary to provide a complete set of financial documents. These include:

Accounting policies and financial statements for the previous fiscal year.

CIT and VAT-7 declarations for the last fiscal year.

Records of fixed assets, intangible assets, and legal values, as well as summaries of turnovers and balances.

JPK VAT in XML format, account settlements with clients and suppliers.

Complete payroll and personnel documentation if the company employed staff, including payrolls, holiday and sickness records, as well as databases from payroll and HR software​(TaxCoach)​.

2. Procedure for Terminating the Contract with the Previous Firm

Before you switch accounting firms, ensure you have formally ended the collaboration with your previous provider. Most accounting service agreements require a written notice, typically with a two-month notice period. It’s important that the new contract starts immediately after the old one ends to maintain continuity in accounting​ (DD Tax)​.

3. Updating Registry Entries

Remember to update entries in public registers such as CEiDG, where information about the entity managing your accounting is recorded. You have 7 days from the change of the accounting firm to make these updates​(DD Tax)​.

4. Collection and Handover of Documentation

Coordinate with your previous accounting firm to collect all accounting and HR documents. This is crucial for the proper handover of responsibilities to the new firm. These documents should be completely handed over with a handover protocol that details all the items received​ (BRP Księgowy)​​(OWB)​.

5. Data Transition Between Accounting Systems

Be aware that not every accounting firm uses the same accounting software, which may require manual data transfer between systems. This process can be time-consuming and requires special attention to ensure all data are correctly transferred and recorded​ (INFOR.PL)​.

Making the decision to change accounting firms is an important moment for any company, which should be well thought out and organized to ensure financial continuity and accuracy in accounting records.


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